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Explorers Club FAQ's

How Do I get to be part of explorers club?
Super easy- 3 options: 1) Do it during your next visit at Earth Burger, simply provide the cashier your phone number upon ordering some delicious food and you will receive a text to register your account! 2) Download the Earth Burger Loyalty app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 3) Go to and signup!

What if I do not have a smartphone, can i still be part of the explorers club?
No worries, all you need to ensure your account is properly registered and we can do the rest simply by using your phone number each time you purchase something from your participating Earth Burger!

What If i do not register my explorers club account?
Hey, we all get busy, but have no fear! All points that you accumulate will still be added to your account, however it will not allow us to redeem until the account is registered. Next time your in line, it takes about 15 seconds to register... you’ve got this!

How to I get points?
Let the fun begin! Simply provide your phone number OR show the cashier the scannable code on your app and start earning that free food- every dollar spent earns 1 point!
How do I earn free food?
We keep this simple- each dollar spent is a point earned! Earn 100 points and receive $10 in Earth Burger Rewards :)

Where do the rewards go?
For every 100 points, $10 will be posted to your account in the form of a gift card so it is yours to spend on any Earth Burger item!

Do i earn points when i get free food?
No points are earned for any item being redeemed with your rewards, however any additional items that are part of that transaction will post to your account.

Can I redeem multiple rewards during one visit?
Our system is designed to allow you to use any available balance/rewards towards your purchase!

How do I redeem my rewards?
We are here to help! You will see your rewards on your account and upon arrival we will also see any available rewards and ask if you would like to apply those to your purchase. Use them anywhere, anytime, any item- our explorers club does not expire!

Can I have multiple rewards accounts?
Unfortunately no, our rewards program is designed for the personal use of one individual. Multiple accounts cannot be combined on one ticket for multiple rewards discounts.

Can I transfer my rewards to someone else?
Our system does not allow for transfer, however you can update your information at anytime! You can always use your rewards to buy someone else Earth Burger- we call this “friendship!”